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  • Tim Masters, whose murder conviction was overturned earlier this year, is suing several current and former Fort Collins police officers and Larimer County prosecutors for wrongful arrest, conviction and imprisonment. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday. On Feb. 11, 1987, a bicyclist on his way to work discovered the body of Peggy Hettrick, a 37- year-old Fashion Bar manager in a south Fort Collins field....On Aug. 10, 1998, Masters was arrested for Hettrick's murder, based on a forensic psychologist's interpretation of his drawings and writings. He was convicted the following spring. In 2003, his case was taken up by two new attorneys, Maria Liu and David Wymore, who pushed for a new trial after finding hundreds of pages of documents that were not turned over to Masters' original defense team. DNA found on Hettrick's clothing was also sent to a Netherlands lab last year, which concluded that it did not match Masters,' but was linked to Hettrick's former boyfriend...[Masters spent] 9 1/2 years in prison.

  • According to this report, it appears a forensic psychologist interpretation of drawings and writings is what led to Masters' arrest in this case. The complaint itself details a very lengthy criminal investigation that led to Masters. He claims he was framed and it was all circumstantial evidence. Its all to easy to blame the police simply because the DNA in the case matched another individual. Too early to judge and too early to call this police misconduct. See Document.
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The Life Penalty

How did a rebel public defender from Boulder, Colorado, throw a monkey wrench into America’s "death machine"? Slip into a juror’s seat as David Wymore and other nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys bring their fight against the death penalty to the front line: the courtroom.

Casting a revelatory and often uncomfortable light on our justice system, The Life Penalty shakes the ethical and moral foundations of capital punishment in the contemporary United States. Featuring two Bob Dylan songs including the never before released "Ballad of Donald White".